Victoria's Secret 2015: de complete show

Dit is de complete Victoria's Secret show van 2015.

Leg, Thigh, Fashion, Fashion model, Public event, Model, Competition, Waist, Boot, Fashion show,
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Ziehier! Alle looks van de Victoria's Secret show 2015! Inclusief Dutchies Romee Strijd, Sanne Vloet, Maud Welzen én Gigi Hadid. Maar ook Kendall Jenner en Candice Swanepoel schitterde op de meest feestelijke catwalk van het jaar. Bekijk ze allemaal in de gallery hieronder.

Human leg, Thigh, Abdomen, Fashion accessory, Electric blue, High heels, Trunk, Navel, Fashion model, Waist,
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Leg, Human leg, Fashion show, Fashion model, Thigh, Fashion accessory, Fashion, Model, Runway, Glove,
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Hairstyle, Fashion show, Human leg, Runway, Fashion model, High heels, Style, Dress, Thigh, Model,
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Human leg, Fashion show, Fashion model, Thigh, Fashion, Model, Fur, Runway, Trunk, Natural material,
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Face, Footwear, Leg, Human leg, Human body, Fashion show, Microphone, Outerwear, Runway, Style,
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Clothing, Footwear, Leg, Dress, Human leg, Style, Fashion model, Thigh, Fashion, High heels,
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Face, Mouth, Fashion model, Thigh, Dress, Fashion, Electric blue, Model, Knee-high boot, Boot,
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Leg, Human leg, Fashion show, Runway, Thigh, Fashion model, Fashion, Model, Fashion design, Spandex,
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Human leg, Electric blue, Fashion, Thigh, Costume, High heels, Cobalt blue, Fashion model, Model, Fictional character,
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Human leg, Fashion show, Fashion model, Thigh, Runway, Fashion, Beauty, Model, Long hair, Waist,
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Thigh, Fashion model, Fashion, High heels, Fashion show, Model, Long hair, Electric blue, Waist, Abdomen,
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Purple, Violet, Magenta, Fashion, Thigh, Fashion model, Lavender, Model, Blond, Costume,
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Human leg, Headpiece, Fashion, Thigh, Fashion model, Hair accessory, High heels, Model, Dancer, Abdomen,
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Human leg, Pink, Magenta, Purple, Fashion accessory, Fashion show, High heels, Feather, Abdomen, Thigh,
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Fashion show, Shoe, Human leg, Runway, Fashion model, Style, Dress, Pink, Fashion, Beauty,
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Human leg, Pink, Magenta, Undergarment, Thigh, Bikini, Fashion model, Swimwear, Fashion, Beauty,
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Thigh, Fashion model, Boot, Model, Fashion design, High heels, Embellishment, Animal product, Natural material, Costume design,
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Human leg, Fashion, Thigh, Fashion model, High heels, Costume design, Costume, Model, Haute couture, Boot,
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Mouth, Fashion, Electric blue, Fictional character, Fashion model, Thigh, Model, Blond, Costume accessory, Long hair,
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Leg, Human leg, Fashion model, Thigh, Fashion, Street fashion, Knee, Sunglasses, Fur, Model,
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Waist, Thigh, Fashion, Fashion model, Abdomen, Trunk, Fashion show, Model, Fashion design, Crop top,
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Clothing, Leg, Human leg, Outerwear, Microphone, Style, Fashion show, Thigh, Runway, Fashion model,
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Angel Lily Aldridge in de Fantasy Bra.
Human leg, Fashion model, Fashion, Thigh, Fashion show, Runway, Fur, Model, Glove, Natural material,
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Barbara Fialho
Thigh, Boot, Fashion model, High heels, Cg artwork, Lingerie, Model, Undergarment, Navel, Long hair,
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Devon Windsor
Human leg, Thigh, Fashion, High heels, Dancer, Abdomen, Fashion model, Trunk, Model, Dance,
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Maria Borges
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Sara Sampaio
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